MySixPak nutritionists create & tailor our delicious meal plans which change daily.


Our chefs then carefully prepare the meals and snacks each morning using only the finest ingredients. 


These are then delivered fresh from the kitchen to your preferred location at a time of your choosing between 3.30am - 7.00am or from 7.30am -10.30am 


Each day your bag will arrive containing your 3 main meals:







You'll also receive 2 delicious snacks & 1 fresh juice or fruit pot. 

This is your daily SixPak.


In addition, we'll send you protein baked goodies from our famous protein bakery!



MySixPak members enjoy free access to a range of fitness events, fitness classes, social events &  professionally created workout routines.


We also have an extensive network of partners including; Personal Trainers, gyms & fitness classes where members can enjoy exclusive discounted rates. 


Sign-up & start enjoying the membership benefits today!

Is MySixPak Right For You? 

1. If you're looking to make the best of your body - The MySixPak meal plan will get you there! 
2. Whether you're looking to tone-up your physique, lose some fat, build muscle or just want a fresh & delicious meal plan for the sake of convenience - you will find the right package here.
3. Our clients range from world champion fighters to post-natal mothers.

Some Interesting Facts:

Supermarket Shopping...

The average person spends approx:
1.5 hours in / traveling to the supermarket each week
5.5 hours on the preparation and cooking of meals each week
1 hour washing-up/loading & unloading the dishwasher each week
That's 8 hours per week OR the equivalent of another full day at work!
Time to get those precious hours back whilst giving your body the best nutritional pampering!

Food Aggregators...

(i.e. ordering via an app and having restaurant food delivered to you)

Having to order each time using the app is time consuming

There is usually an additional delivery charge with each order

It's extremely tricky to calculate your calorie & macro-nutrient intake
With each order you’ll have to wait for your food to arrive and sometimes it can arrive cold
Approximate daily spend when ordering 3 meals per day using an aggregator:

Breakfast order 35 aed + 8 aed (delivery)

Lunch order 59 aed + 8 aed (delivery)

Dinner order 75 aed + 8 aed (delivery)

Average Total: 193 aed per day


MSP plans range between: 156 – 173 per day


*156 if you have a valid discount code & BulkUp plans are more expensive

How To Select The Best Plan For You?

1. Simply identify the plan category that best matches your goals
2. Choose the type of menu that matches your dietary needs e.g. Gluten Free, Paleo etc
3. Remove the foods that you don't want to see in your plan - begin your meal plan!

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Stephanie Karl - Clinical Nutritionist

Dip H.Sc in Nutrition


Stephanie Karl graduated Dip H.Sc in Nutrition. She also holds a teaching diploma in health sciences along with a post-graduate degree specializing in sports nutrition and chronic disease.


Stephanie is known in the nutrition industry for her scientific approach to nutrition and her charismatic style, which helps to motivate clients to make positive and meaningful changes to their health. Her approach is to take small steps starting with getting blood glucose under control without being clouded with restrictive food intake, balancing key nutrients and working on neuro-transmitters to help with motivation.


Stephanie is active is the local media where she shares her thought leadership on nutrition with the UAE community. 


Read Stephanie's article on - 'Food Myths Debunked' by following clicking below:

Get in touch with Stephanie to arrange a complimentary 15 minute nutritional consultation. You can reach Stephanie on WhatsApp to schedule a session 0502864404